Good Reading Competitions

Hi everyone,

This week I thought I’d suggest a few reading competitions for you all to try out. Get your competitive juices flowing. No one can deny the thrill of competition. The thrill of winning even if the competition is only against yourself. We all love to beat ourselves sometimes just as much as say a sibling or a friend.

Some of these challenges may state 2015, but that doesn’t stop you starting them in the New Year.

So let the list begin…

  1. 10 books in 12 days

Simply pick 10 books you want to read and read them in 12 day’s. This is not only a competition against yourself to see if you can complete the 10 books in 12 days but you can also compete against other people to see who can complete it the quickest or who can read the most books in those 12 day’s even if you can’t all read 10 books in the 12 days.

Tip: as recommended in last weeks post, add the pages of all 10 books together and divide it by 12 to find out how many pages you will have to read a day to complete the full challenge.

  1. Pop sugar’s 2015 Reading challenge:

This challenge simply gives a list of different challenges to try and complete throughout the year so if you want to start it in 2016 then below is a link to the website that details all of the challenges. It could widen your horizons and diversify your reading.

  1. Around the world

Below is a link to the challenge with mini challenges. I personally prefer the mini challenges available here such as ‘Read one book from each continent’ and ‘Read a certain number of books set in places you’ve visited before’, once again widening your horizon’s in the literary world and giving you some diverse cultural reading challenges.

This challenge also attempts to encourage you to see the world. Holiday anyone…

  1. Back to classics

This challenge could get you thinking by having you read a variety of books from across history. It’ll give you a cultural and historical view of society and how it’s changes throughout the past 200 or 300 years.

Some of my favourites are ‘A classic in translation’ and ‘A forgotten classic’.

Thanks for reading guys I hope you can find some enjoyment in trying out a couple of these competitions/challenges.



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